November 22, 2016

How do we feel about open innovation? My e-business class has talked about open source and its benefits, my IT in Business lectures are dedicated to exploring the advantages and drawbacks companies endure when opening up their innovation boundaries. What is it so appealing about Open Innovation (OI) that prompts the discussion?

TO be honest, as a post-soviet child, I was growing up among people who shared everything – from public baths to private lives. Shared knowledge was a thing even when IT was not around, and I know it first hand. Therefore, another reason why with the rise of PC, Russian teenagers became the best hackers out there. Our generation was not used to paying for products that, moreover, did not exist in reality. I had a legitimate though that keygen is a normal thing to do before I turned 12 years old. (I am now 22 and I even pay for my music subscription service, no need to panic.) Therefore, when it comes to open source software, it not only fosters the community feeling for collaborators working on the end result, it attracts people like me with its price accessibility. Also, it is the wisdom of the crowd

Also, I would say that open source software possesses superior quality. It is the wisdom of the crowd that prompts the development of (or omitting) certain features. I am genuinely happy about certain web products created openly and/or maintained open. Speaking from my personal experience with WordPress*, I pushed myself to learn more about this CMS platform so I can better navigate through the endless pool of plugins, themes all created by the community of enthusiasts. For the same reason, I am always willing to teach other people what WordPress is. There is a sense of community behind this crowd of people willing to dedicate time to something that does not really bring money in the first place. (It can, however, but not upfront and only after long years of design or development experience.)

Long live, Open Source Software! You are the best thing that happened to public schools, passionate developers, and the world, which is only now realising the shift from COTS to OSS.

* I have my own WordPress site developed using a child theme, and it is called feelfreetostalk.me/ , so feel free to have a look at my humble portfolio made on a free and open-source content management system.



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