November 29, 2016

I have recently started to watch a well-known show called Mr. Robot, which has absorbed me fully in its intricately ambitious plans and vague accusations for the society, exposing how broken it is. In summary, the show is a metaphor for Anonymous, the group that wants to change our flawed society controlled by corporate giants. It is centered around an IT security employee and his drug-induced introverted ego-driven life. The soundtrack in this show is good too, so consider me invested after watching the first 4 episodes of the first season.

Why am I bringing up this how? Well, right from the first episode, I have experienced an epiphany when the main characters discovered the rootkit inside their client’s network that they considered being a plain DDoS attack. What stroke me is that I finally understood what the characters were doing! Thanks to an e-business course, I started to understand the technicalities of IT infrastructures in the context of a popular show. This is exactly how I see myself benefitting from INSY 440 E-business course.

This is exactly how I see myself benefitting from INSY 440 E-business course. Regardless of the sometimes disperse content taught in class, we always had real life examples from company representatives and pop-culture references make this course very understandable, down to earth and easy. In reality, the content we studied throughout the semester was complex, which I did not realize until my friends finished the first episode of Mr. Robot. They revealed they were clueless during the IT crisis moment and felt relieved when the “tech talk” ended and the show went on with the plot.

I have learned a lot from the class, and the knowledge comes to me in a rather natural, ustructured way that I cannot pinpoint if asked. But give me more time to finish the first season of Mr. Robot and my friends will help me to make a bullet point list of things I learned in INSY440 in Fall 2016.


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